Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I've been really emotional recently. & it is not okay.
Anyways, so far during this one-week boredom-filled holidays, I've been thinking.
You guys might think I'm crazy but as a matter of fact, I was really unsatisfied and frustrated about everything and anything.
Really. Not 100%ly. But yeah, a little bit.
I am totally over with love and crap like that, it's just that I find it quite difficult to just come up with a conversation with people.
All I can afford to do is to say hello, and babble about general stuff and the conversation dies off.
Yeap, just like that.
Sometimes it doesn't even last for 5 minutes. Oh well.
Maybe, I do suck in socializing. but oh well=)
I am not sure if this post is suppose to be here or not.
I'm super sleepy right now. So screw the grammar and vocabulary.

p/s. I would like to see myself in everyone's point of view ;]
mind to lend a hand?

This is gonna cheer every single one of you out there :]]]]


  1. all you can afford is just saying hello and you think that is a problem? why, at least you said hello and babbled bout casualties. compared to ME. if you have a problem, my dear, i have HUGE one-i can't even afford to say the first word!!=[

  2. Ahahahahaa. I don't find it a problem now, really. There are 6billion people in this world, i think. :]]] It's impossible to get along with every single soul on earth. Ahahaha :]]] yups.