Monday, August 30, 2010

Of high pitches and baked macaroni.

The person I need is Nanny McPhee.

Hello world :D
As of today, i no longer have the courage and guts to sing in public no more.

We were supposed to sing and freaking entertain them people,
which ended up pretty ugly.
I am soooooooooo glad that many girls were absent.
enough of that. Its an embarassment.
& therefore,
things are gonna change from now ons.
Choir will rock everyone's stinky asses from now ons. Rawr!
Suck it losers :D

I intended to cook lunch for myself today.
well its not i haven't cooked before, as a matter of fact I did ; a few times ;]
But the food doesn't really taste as good of course.
But hey, its the flippin' thought that flippin' counts, no? :D
And so i ended up eating cereals for lunch as I needed to watch He'sJustNotSoIntoYou :D
From that movie i've learned that girls, yeap includes all you girls out there, to not i repeat to not ever go snooping and sneaking and making a fool out of yourself to get and find the perfect guy.
because, there is no perfect guy.

Nah just kidding.
There is :)
But you must not ever ever ever ever do stupid ridiculous things.
Because you never know when Prince Charming will come charging and knocking at your front door. could be anytime now, or tomorrow or whenever the right time might be ;]


Life's a beach.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

It went *eeeeeekkk bang boom*

A trustworthy person,
remains a trustworthy person.

Its been ages since i last blogged.
Anyways, had my trials and all which ended up pretty well a[l]l [i] did was h[e]he [s]tudy. :]
and besides that everything's going well.
except for the few shits which occur occasionally,
i.e. eating chocolates everyday etc etc.

As i am typing right now i feel like the biggest fattest most obese person on earth.
(yeah beat me up if you can't stand me,i have slapped myself a couple of times). D:
PMR's coming soon. SO SOON. Help? ):

loving the people around me,
loving the annoying barks,
loving the shoes and the smell of freshly lawned grass.
and oh have i mentioned?
Dad got people to cut down our Casuarina trees. not one but 2 of those awesome trees ):

And so i did a little experiment (i love those stupid tall trees)


Aim : To investigate why Dad take away those trees' lifes.

Problem Statement : Trees are nice, Casuarina trees are nice.

Apparatus & Materials : Myself.

Hypothesis : -

Variables :
  • Manipulated : -
  • Constant : -
  • Responding : Amount of trees in the backyard.

Procedure :

  1. Asked Dad -- "It's been raining lately. Dangerous."
  2. Asked Mum -- "He doesn't want those trees."
  3. Asked Calvin -- "What is 18 times 6?"

Conclusion : The trees got cut down afterall.

They said things start at home.
I tried practicing the GoGreen programme thing at home.

...but well i guess it didn't work.