Sunday, August 29, 2010

It went *eeeeeekkk bang boom*

A trustworthy person,
remains a trustworthy person.

Its been ages since i last blogged.
Anyways, had my trials and all which ended up pretty well a[l]l [i] did was h[e]he [s]tudy. :]
and besides that everything's going well.
except for the few shits which occur occasionally,
i.e. eating chocolates everyday etc etc.

As i am typing right now i feel like the biggest fattest most obese person on earth.
(yeah beat me up if you can't stand me,i have slapped myself a couple of times). D:
PMR's coming soon. SO SOON. Help? ):

loving the people around me,
loving the annoying barks,
loving the shoes and the smell of freshly lawned grass.
and oh have i mentioned?
Dad got people to cut down our Casuarina trees. not one but 2 of those awesome trees ):

And so i did a little experiment (i love those stupid tall trees)


Aim : To investigate why Dad take away those trees' lifes.

Problem Statement : Trees are nice, Casuarina trees are nice.

Apparatus & Materials : Myself.

Hypothesis : -

Variables :
  • Manipulated : -
  • Constant : -
  • Responding : Amount of trees in the backyard.

Procedure :

  1. Asked Dad -- "It's been raining lately. Dangerous."
  2. Asked Mum -- "He doesn't want those trees."
  3. Asked Calvin -- "What is 18 times 6?"

Conclusion : The trees got cut down afterall.

They said things start at home.
I tried practicing the GoGreen programme thing at home.

...but well i guess it didn't work.


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