Monday, June 7, 2010

"Mummy asked me to clean the dirt but it won't come out. I keep trying but it won't."

"You seem familiar. Have I seen you before?"
"Well i haven't seen you before tho."
"Oh. *laughs* I'm -- "


What if, your mum asks you to wash out your skin color using a brush to be as fair as her?
What if you're forced to clean the kitchen floor spotless everyday & you get beaten up for not doing your job well?
What if you get quarantined in a room when your bleeding and being considered as the black sheep of the family?
What if all you want and need is love and care..
but all you get is...nothing?
What if you're already 10years of age, and you've only eaten 2 cones of ice-cream?

What if?

haha goodnight world :]

pause. rewind. delete. fast forward.

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