Sunday, June 6, 2010

& that twitch =)

Unlike everyone else,
i get annoyed by myself.

I'm feeling sleepy a little too often ever since the holidays started.
Oh. I've got 2 new gorgeousness. :]
- The Saddest Girl in the World ; Cathy Glass.
- Romeo & Juliet ; William Shakespeare.

Note : Blue's me. Purple's Calvin.

"Huh? Romeo & Juliet?"
"Aiyah. Don't need to buy la. I know the story. I tell you tonight."
"Stop acting. Tell me now."
"Romeo loves Juliet. and in the end they both die. Like that only ma."

If you want him, fyi
he's free of charge :D

Cheers people :]
have an amazing hols.
p/s. Do something that you don't usually do :]


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