Saturday, March 2, 2013

Á nouveau

Perhaps I'm a little too late to bid a new year to all, and perhaps I'm a little too irresponsible to leave this blog here to slowly wither and die and all my pictures in my previous post are all gone. WHY OH WHY THIS IS HEARTBREAKING.

But anyhow,

Things have been different. Much.

I didn't mark a fullstop to 2012 with pom-poms and balloons ; neither did I start 2013 with smiles and giggles.

I have had a fair amount of arguments, misunderstandings, tears, and I do not wish to elaborate on that.

I haven't done half the things I thought I would do after SPM.

I have had several insomnia nights.

I haven't been going to the gym as I said I would on New Year's Day and hence, another new year's resolution that never happened. (Perhaps, not yet)

I have been watching a lot of movies, baking and wondering how would life is going to be.

I have been thinking back & looking forward a whole truckload lot.

I have realised who my true friends are.

I have learned from my mistakes.

I have finally learned that it is important to move on


& I have.


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