Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I took it and threw it away. I picked it up again and kept it in my pocket. Fickle-minded.

answered by silence.

Hello fellow readers :)
i haven't been updating much lately but you know people say that you tend to know the world better as you grow up? indeed.
I think I'm finally understanding myself better.

1) I dislike facebook. Why you ask? Because it makes me emo and depressed.
2) I think i'm slightly socially inapt. Which explains pretty much everything :/
3) I do people-watching to entertain myself and I have never failed to laugh a little too damn loud.
4) I find it difficult to be mad at someone for long.
5) Love's just another word i haven't learned to pronounce.

That doesn't make me love myself any less though.
& oh, i would like to thank fellow 3Hornbillian choir members for being so supportive and co-operative and for helping me getting through the thick and thin and ups and downs and thank you so so much for tolerating my unprofessional conducting & horrible pitchy singing. :)
Once again, thank you & congratulations!
three years in a row. definitely a school record :D


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