Saturday, September 4, 2010

He was in a turqoise colored shirt with an Armani watch.

When i first watched Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, when I was still so very naive, I made a little wish & I thank God for not granting me the wish.
My biggest dream would be owning Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

PMR is due in a month. Oh dear.

Have you guys have ever sit back and give a thought about the things you hate most?
Well, i haven't.
But from what I experience everyday,
I totally hate and loathe those losers who copy me. No offense.
I mean come on, you live your loseristic life and I live mine.
Mind you losers, you won't live a happy life if you keep living someone else's life.
& what I hate most is when you flipping SAYYYYY you don't like that little something about me and the next day you SAYYYYY that you have been loving that little something your whole darn life. Oh my goodness. Seriously, seriously. Go away. Scoot!

Enough of tantrums.

2 weeks of holidays :) definitely something to hoohaa about, no? :D
well we were also given a whole pile of worksheets to do which i seriously seriously do not mind at all.
Oh yes, i forgot!

Tomorrow, 5th September 2010 is my dear mummy and daddy's 18th wedding anniversary! :D

although it is not my anniversary or anything, i'm all thrilled and excited about it haha ;]
anyhoo, what should i get them? any suggestions? :O

That's for today.

Goodnight world :)

Every man dies, but not every man lives.
Love the life you live,
live the life you love.


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