Sunday, March 7, 2010

To break down and cry when nobody's around.

My streamyx died, for the second time.
And my parents said that it was some blessing in disguise.
As I would now have more time to spend on books than to hog over the screen. :/
Anyway, Sports Day was yesterday which means that we won't have to stayback practically everyday for marching practice.
But the thing is, we did not win. Neither GB nor Cavell. Some curse. :/
Piawai's soon. Like this wednesday! :(
And nope, i have not touched anything. Not even math, for crying out loud. Don't you dare mention bout history. :O
I have nothing else to look forward to except for that lil' gathering :)
I am easily distracted ; distractions stay away.

p/s. I want a time machine.

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