Saturday, January 2, 2010


It's a new year, already? Gee.
2009's school break seemed to be speedier than other years. Oh well.
I do not have a new year's resolution,apparently. Should I have one? Maybe it's too late after all. XP
Something's really wrong with Ares. I CAN'T FRECKING DOWNLOAD ANYTHING.
We'll all be going to school again in 2 days.
New Year wasn't that bad. Ended the year watching listening to fireworks, because well apparently the fireworks display was behind the house. Yup.

"What do you feel with the separaters on?"
"It feels nice."
"Doesn't it hurt?"
"I like to bite my teeth together to feel the pain. It feels like a blueblack. IN YOUR MOUTH. How cool is that?" *grins*
"You like pain?" *lifts eyebrow*
"I like this one."
"Sadist." *sighs* You know, those people who like cutting themselves till they bleed and stuff?"
"Uhh. Yeah?"
"Don't end up like that."

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