Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm trying every way.

Pn.Tan has always been encouraging us to OPEN OUR EYES whenever we travel or just observe anything wherever we are.
She once told us 'bout the pigeons. Yes, pigeons.
It went something like this : -
She was in the car waiting for her husband to finish work.
And there she was, waiting in the car and she saw two pigeons. She was looking at them, observing the way they walk/hop. And she open her car door and startled the pigeons away. :( And she was lonely 'cause she had nobody, nothing to look at anymore. THE END. ;)

Date : 23rd November 2009
Venue : Jusco
Humans involved : Many ;)

This is for you Pn.Tan =)

I was the only one eating Chocolate Sundae for breakfast or in the morning you can say it ;)

- - - - -

A kid, around 5 years plus was wearing heels and her sister...
her sister was wearing a veil.

- - - - -

MPH has no WordPuzzle books. ZERO.

- - - - -

I give up.

Eyeliners and cigarettes.

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